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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Working at home.

I thought it would be interesting for you to see a little of the work I do at home between classes. Of course I will not bore you with my pattern printing and packing that is even boring for me!! lets have a look at preparing applique on The Folk Art quilt.
This quilt was on show in America last year and many of my students had lovely photos of just about every section of the quilt and insisted I make a replica so we could all own such a beautiful quilt.
I was reluctant at first as I thought it looked too intense and I knew there were other patterns available but after much pushing and emails like WE WANT YOU TO DO IT I gave in. I must say I have had so much fun with this quilt and been given lots of hexagons and stars to add to my quilt I am finding it lovely to do.
I really didn't realise I bought this much fabric for the quilt, I blame Judie Rothermel she just keeps making great fabrics then the shops I work for buy fabrics they know I like so they also must take some of the blame but really...
Sunday- sort out fabrics for quilt into colours.

But wait there's more.

Five hours later colour's sorted for baskets and flowers.

Monday cut out baskets, 17 to be exact two days to sew them all together.

Nice pin cushion by Alexandra Callow she will have a stall at the Springwood Quilt Show 29-30 April she has great stuff.
Today glue baste baskets stems and handle's so when I am away this weekend I can sew them down.
Also making sure the pattern doesn't read like the designer was on drugs.

Pattern work's fine, will post some Folk Art quilts next time.
I need to pack for Blueberries and it is 7.30pm so bye for now.


  1. Karen your baskets are looking so cute,I can't wait till I start mine...just about finished the centre(you'll see tomorrow).Drive carefully and I'll see you for coffee and sewing at Blueberries :)

  2. Hi Karen, It IS a mammoth task isn't it? The baskets are lovely and you're very organised doing them all at once. Great to see how you work - thanks for the post. I have done 5 baskets - and hoping to have a couple more to show next week at Mittagong.
    All the best

  3. It looks the same anywhere in the world: piles of fabric - needed to select these small pieces (and even that is sometimes not the right color or design) :-)). Your baskets look great!

  4. Hi from the Mittagong girls! We are learning to post messages :)

  5. hello

    Hilda, Jacqui,Gay, Debbie and Vanessa wish to attend summer school.

  6. Hi Karen - I love my baskets - can't find the floor in the sunroom - but so worth it!