Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chop-chop sew

The girls in my classes often hear me talk about one of my favourite students chop-chop sew. She was given her nick name as anything that was difficult to sew Susana would find a much easier technique to speed up the process and her new ideas always work! When we ask her to explain her new way of creating her blocks she always explained "You just chop chop and sew".
Here are her lovely finished quilts from last year.
Irish Circles made using a couple of Jelly Rolls and the centre of English Autumn which will now be a lap quilt.

Susana's Sampler

My Sampler an adaptation of The Sundial Coverlet in The Victoria and Albert Museum London.
I made this quilt to commemorate my 50th birthday. The blocks have my children's names and family history plus I used all my favourite fabrics. I hand my quilt ditch quilted by a machine quilter, which I think of as stabilising the quilt or permanent basting then I was able to hand quilt all my blocks, best of both worlds.

I wanted to show you my Bluebell last blog but couldn't find the picture but as usual looking for The Sampler I found it.

I will be working on my Folk Art quilt today so hope to start showing you some progress soon
 happy stitching Karen


  1. I love seeing how differently each quilt turns out. That's a lovely Irish Circles Susana!
    Karen, I hope you have your nice cup, saucer and teapot (with cosy!) at your elbow while you are working on your Folk Art quilt. It's been a lovely cool weekend for sewing.
    Happy stitching,

  2. So very nice to finally put a face to chop,chop, very nice to see you Susana and your lovely quilts.
    Looking forward to seeing you Thursday Karen :)

  3. This is a fantastic way to finally see what everyone is sewing. Thank you

  4. Beautiful quilts - love the sampler (sundial). Is the pattern available?