Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Snow Day

I thought I would have lots to tell you as I was supposed to go to the trade fair on Sunday, unfortunately one of my children was ill and I couldn't go, never mind I am sure the shops will tell me whats new.
I am looking forward to seeing the John Hewson fabrics, I just hope Australia gets them.

Today is my youngest son Jake's 21 st birthday! where does the time go!
Jake is on the right and the other handsome boy is my son Tom.

He decided we would have a B.B.Q but the weather is not too good.

It might be o.k???
No choice but to read my lovely new book.

Such lovely pictures.
I have two quilts at the quilters my new machine quilt for next semester, the V&A quilt using the lovely liberty fabrics and my French mosaic. what a trauma as I had to use my sewing machine for days and days you know how I love that! the result is lovely and I must say my machine does so well considering the operator.

Thank you to the Highsewciety group for my lovely roses, they had such a beautiful perfume, the house has a lovely scent.

And finally I am going to the Sydney show tomorrow if the snow clears I will be there on Thursday as well and will be on the Blueberries stand from 10-12  on Thursday so come and say hi.
Hope to have lots of news from the show, if the snow stops as they will close the road if it gets too icy.

Hope everyone is stitching and enjoying our winter weather, keep warm!