Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hi Everyone, my Internet is fixed and I think I am finally caught up with all my emails.
Thank you to all the girls coming along to Summer School, Susan is completely booked out and my classes have just a few places left.
Everything has happened smoothly and dinner promises to be a great night. We have four shops coming on different days these are: Post office patchwork, Cottage Quilt Works, Patchwork Plus and Blueberries.
We are really going to be tempted, you will all see what I face each week with the wonderful fabrics on offer.
Well I think it is photo time, here is my finished Hidcote Garden, for all the girls after the border fabric I think it is being reprinted as Blueberries had an email last weekend saying it was still on the way.

As you can see my small blocks have no applique as I decided to have quilting in them instead.

Here is Jan's Irish Circles, a variation for the final border but I think it works well.

In the Blueberries Thursday class Lisa and Marion had their Antique Applique quilts basted ready for quilting. Great work by both not an easy quilt to finish in eight months.

Here are some fabrics from Blueberries perfect for French Mosaic.

And for the girls doing the applique quilt next year here is a picture of my background with a kit put together by the girls at Cottage Quilt Works.

Really yummy!

And for the girls looking for a border for Irish Circles, where my green border is here are two by the same designer as mine available from Cottage Quilt Works and Blueberries.

Thought you might like to see my Antique Applique.

That is all the quilting news for now I am working hard to finish my Folk Art Quilt I really love it but I want to see it finished.
For those of you looking for a good read I just finished a great book, The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards.
Goodnight to all,

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Summer school

Hi everyone, just a quick post from my I pad my Internet at home is down,they think with all the rain the cable needs checked, so they will be here on Wednesday.
All my Summer School files are in my main computer so I can't send any info out.
I will get to you all as soon as possible.
The weather for the long weekend is awful so cold and way too much rain but I have finished my Hidcote Garden quilt, looks lovely.
My parents are coming tomorrow for lunch with all my gang which means I have to cook always a nightmare!
Hope you are all relaxing this weekend,
will post nice photos as soon as I can