Irish Circles

Irish Circles
Last years block of the month

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hi Everyone, my Internet is fixed and I think I am finally caught up with all my emails.
Thank you to all the girls coming along to Summer School, Susan is completely booked out and my classes have just a few places left.
Everything has happened smoothly and dinner promises to be a great night. We have four shops coming on different days these are: Post office patchwork, Cottage Quilt Works, Patchwork Plus and Blueberries.
We are really going to be tempted, you will all see what I face each week with the wonderful fabrics on offer.
Well I think it is photo time, here is my finished Hidcote Garden, for all the girls after the border fabric I think it is being reprinted as Blueberries had an email last weekend saying it was still on the way.

As you can see my small blocks have no applique as I decided to have quilting in them instead.

Here is Jan's Irish Circles, a variation for the final border but I think it works well.

In the Blueberries Thursday class Lisa and Marion had their Antique Applique quilts basted ready for quilting. Great work by both not an easy quilt to finish in eight months.

Here are some fabrics from Blueberries perfect for French Mosaic.

And for the girls doing the applique quilt next year here is a picture of my background with a kit put together by the girls at Cottage Quilt Works.

Really yummy!

And for the girls looking for a border for Irish Circles, where my green border is here are two by the same designer as mine available from Cottage Quilt Works and Blueberries.

Thought you might like to see my Antique Applique.

That is all the quilting news for now I am working hard to finish my Folk Art Quilt I really love it but I want to see it finished.
For those of you looking for a good read I just finished a great book, The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards.
Goodnight to all,


  1. beautiful work by all. I love your header quilt, it says 'last years BOM', is this your design, or are you working at a quilt shop?

  2. I'm glad your email is working again. I send you an email on october 6 with a question about the Irish Circles but haven't hear anything back. Did you recieved that email? (maybe in your spam box?) If not, can you let me know please so I can send it again to you. I send it from my account carinzw @ (without the spaces)

  3. I just love all your quilts. Do you sell patterns for them? If not I will just continue to be inspired by your designs and fabric choices. Wonderful!!!

  4. Great quilts! Particularly love your Antique Applique - is it available as a pattern?

  5. I absolutely love your quilts
    do you sell your patterns?
    there are a few I would love to buy, first of all the Antique Applique!
    it is just soooo beautiful
    thanks for sharing your work with us and your students work as well
    always inspiring.


  6. hello Karin, thank you for your blog, it is a great inspiration, i love your quilts and especialy the irish circles, i wanna know were i can buy the pattern in europe, i live in the netherlands. you can e-mail me at
    thank you so much, greetings wilma

  7. How do you register for your block of the month programs or buy your patterns?
    Thanks so much!

  8. Hello Karen, you did a beautiful job - I wanted to let you know that the border fabric in ecru is - finally - in stock again!

  9. I love the Antique Applique. Can you tell me how big the quilt is, and do you sell patterns?

  10. Hi, I have just found your site. I love your quilts, especially the antique applique. Is there any way I can get a pattern for it?