Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

End of the year.

 Hi everyone, I can't believe I am teaching the last classes for the year! A very busy time for me as I need my samples ready for 2012 and all the requirements lists done, get ready girls as I have already had one class and there was a lot of decisions to make and of course shopping for just the right fabrics.
For all the girls not in classes and have asked for patterns the correspondence school will begin in February so email me your details to get the information to sign up in January. 
Let us look at some beautiful quilts.
Karen has finished her Sampler and Cream Tea, she has been very creative and added more hexagons onto her quilt, just stunning.

In the Glenbrook class three girls are making Anna, I think it is really interesting the differences in fabric choices.



Last week I hired a movie called From Time to Time by Julian Fellows staring Maggie Smith I hadn't realised it was based on the book The chimneys of Green Knowe by Lucy Boston it is a lovely story but the best part was seeing Maggie Smith in a couple of scenes sewing a Lucy Boston quilt.
Here is Robyn's Lucy Boston quilt, mine is still one of my favourites.

Helen has been finishing and brought along her buttercup and cream tea.

Here is a quilt by Chris who works for Rhonda at Post office Patchwork Glenbrook, she just kept covering hexagons with fabrics that came into the shop and joined them together with no mosaic pattern in mind just kept sewing. It really is stunning to look at.
Di brought a couple of her antique quilts for us to have a look at just lovely, don't old quilts feel beautiful.
It is nice to think that if my UFOs and quilts end up for sale a quilter will come along and buy them and give them a good home, perhaps finish the projects in the to do basket.

It is nine p.m so I must pack my bag for Mittagong tomorrow so goodnight to all,


  1. O what cute quilts you show us! Wonderfull work!
    Can I book you to teach in my shop in The Netherlands? I think my customers would love that too!!!

  2. I do wish you were based here in the UK still, I love what you do. It is always a pleasure to see such lovely quilts. I shall keep a look out for the film with Dame Maggi Smith. She is fantastic.

  3. Beautiful quilts! As for the border fabric for Hidcote (I love the appliqué!) quilt: cream is available! Regards, Elsbeth (DH&W, Amsterdam)

  4. Hi from good old blighty. I absolutely adore Karen's sampler quilt and was wondering if there a pattern out there I can for it that I can get my sticky mitts on? Many thanks for your very enjoyable blogs

  5. So many beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your samples.

  6. Hi
    I have seen the pattern Irish circles on some blogs and have figured out that it is your pattern. Where can I find this pattern to buy, because this is a quilt I would love to sew. Hugs from Norway.

  7. Thanks once again for a great year.So I'll see you same time same place at Blueberries in 2012.Choosing quilts for for your class is like picking your favorite chocolate and changing your mind again and again......have a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year..Lisa.

  8. Hi Karen, I would love to do your correspondence course - here is my email address if you could send me the details please :
    Thanks so much, Gaye.