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Irish Circles
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy New Year

Hi everyone,
I know its been a while but at the end of last year I was in need of a holiday so I closed the door of my office and spent all my time with my family and friends.
I also needed time to create as I  had a design for a new quilt in my head all year I had my ideas book full of photos, drawings lots of notes but no time to get it all together so I spent days drawing cutting out and searching for just the right fabric I am really happy that my quilt is finally on the way I can relax and sew now.

Summer School 2013 was a great success it is so good to catch up with all the girls even though I only see the interstate girls once a year its like I saw them last week we had a fantastic five days.
The shop's were outstanding supplying everything we needed and some things we just had to have!
Thank you Quiltsmith, Cottage Quilt Works, Post Office Patchwork and Patchwork Plus.
Tutors Susan Smith and Rhonda Pearce did a great job we all learned a great deal.

All the little birds found a good home our lunch time show and tell was again very inspiring.
Our catering was by Kara this year which was so delicious I am very disappointed now I have to make my own lunch and no morning tea in sight.

O.K it all sounds so easy so here's some home truths, I did wear my dress inside out on the last day,
I woke poor Lorraine (patchwork Plus) at 2.30 in the morning to check someone turned off the irons as I was about to go to the hall in my PJ's and my son's were supposed to help pack up the hall but went to a bucks party the night before and couldn't be found...thank god for friends a big thank you to Susie, Anne and Anna the four of us packed up in one and a half hours!
Thank you to all the girls who just helped when they noticed I needed it and Colleen what an angel wish you lived in Blackheath.
The helpers Yvonne and Lesley once again SS can't do without you.

So here are some photos I will post the dinner later as my friend had to do the photography she will put it on a stick thingy so I can share them with you.
Melinda from Quiltsmith was a fantastic speaker her antique quilts were gorgeous.

Summer School is booked again for next year first day will be 15th of January 2014.

Helpers Yvonne and Lesley.
Rhonda's Technical Applique class.
Everyone is really concentrating

The girls in the corner sewing with me Sat- Sun.

Well it was 38 on our quilting day but everyone loved hand quilting.

Susan's class making their dear little baskets.

Wed- Thurs with me.

We had some interesting vases on the tables.

Sisters Cherree and Leanne all smiles.
But when Cherree went early to have lunch with her family poor Leanne was left to be a Nigel.

We really did have a lot of fun!
Happy Australia day to everyone I will be back at work this week so I will see you all soon.
Take care everyone,
Karen x