Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quiltsmith day.

So much work done yesterday!
Karen has her Marriage quilt together and has started her borders.
And Helen is ready to sew her blocks together.
Anne has her County Kilkenny together and will start her quilting now it's winter.

Natalie is having a finishing off year and has found her box of beautiful fabrics she bought for English Autumn and decided to make it next.
I think hers will be an English Spring.
I am home today getting ready for my three days with the girls at Cottage Quilt Works it's lovely to spend some time near the beach much warmer than here.
Here's a photo from my sewing room,I love my bird paper clips can't seem to use them so cute in the packet.
I received a beautiful cook book yesterday so I might try to make something today, for those who know me this probably will not go well but I will let you know the results.
Take care everyone,

Friday, May 24, 2013

Lovely day at Julie's

Georgia has been hard at work on her Lucy Boston.

Julie has finished her Miss Austens Garden.
Beautiful quilting by Belinda Betts.
May has her Plain and Fancy finished lovely quilting by Kim Dolan.
We are so lucky to have these talented quilters to finish our quilts.
Wendy and I getting her next block sorted for her Marriage Quilt.
This is my first post from my phone so hope it's o.k
What a great day full of show and tell.
Quiltsmith tomorrow looking forward to class and as always lovely fabrics.
Karen x

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Autumn in Blackheath.

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well sorry for the delay but I have been changing my technology and it has not been easy.
I lost a few emails so please forgive me if you had no answer and send me another.
The poor girls in class have had to listen to all the winging so I know they are glad its over, the apple shop has also had its work cut out but now I should be able to blog from class everything seems so fast now.
Its Autumn in Blackheath the colours are lovely.

I have had a birthday my grandson was one in march and my son turned thirty so lots of family celebrations.
The lovely girls in the Concord group bought me beautiful flowers which just happened to go with fabrics I bought: Mill Book Series by Moda quilting friends always know your colours.

Congratulations to Karen Ross her Sampler won viewers choice at The Springwood show.
These photos were taken a while ago but show and tell from Blueberries.
Miss Austen's Garden.

Plain and Fancy.
Choosing fabrics at Glenbrook of course you need a tin to put your sewing in.

The concord ladies.
Julie used one of the centres from Reproduction Fabrics for her Miss Austen.
May used her collection of dutch chintz for her plain and fancy.

Cottage Quilt Works.
We really have had lovely panels to work with this year.

Elizabeth's lovely French Mosaic.

I have two girls who have finished the Marriage Quilt so far all stunning.

Plain and Fancy has been a very popular pattern.

Hope you had a nice time catching up with the show and tell. The shops are bursting with new fabrics so many lovely choices and now I can blog on the spot you will get to see more of them.
On Tuesday I visited the Sydney Aquarium and loved the colours of the coral so here's a peek.

Summer School projects are going well The Redleaf has a special rate for accommodation just mention your coming to Summer School.
Hi to Diana and Luci from the U.S who will be making their first Karen quilt, thanks girls.
Take care everyone,
Karen x