Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Autumn storms.

Hi everyone,
Autumn has so far been a challenge huge storms,Blackheath was white with hail and freezing... Perfect for sewing!
Hope you were all safe and off the road.

On Sunday I had a lovely day at the Springwood Quilt Show.
Rhonda was the featured artist, her work is truly inspirational.
I had three quilts in the show so I can share these photos.
The V&A Quilt made 2010
I loved the V&A fabrics printed for the 2010 quilt show.
Birds and blooms and May Baskets.

The Durham Quilt.
Susie quilts so many quilts for everyone it was lovely to see one of her class projects completed.
I loved my Durham Quilt, when my sister Wendy turned fifty I let her pick the quilt she would like for her birthday, I was alittle surprised  when she chose The Durham as I thought it very soft in colour for her but she said it was the one that would remind her most of me.
Very happy thinking of it keeping my sister warm.

Some photos from class today at Cottage Quilt Works.

My purchases... So far 
Oh I missed the blue birds 
Looking forward to all the May classes
Karen x
My Instagram is @karencunninghamdesigns