Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Folk Art Photo's

As promised some photo's of work in progress, so much fun and so many ways to use fabrics.

My centre.

Hilda is hiding behind her gorgeous quilt. 

Karen and Helen in class pondering the next step.

The following photo's are from the Wednesday class at Quiltsmith.

Lyn's  first border.

Lenore has her centre together and started on her basket border.

Kate is enjoying stitching hexagons and stars. Plastic containers are perfect for all the bits and bobs.

Karen has her border prepared.

Closer look.

Lindy's star looks like a star fish.

Lindy's first border.

I am really loving this year so much show and tell  in every class!
I saw the new range by Moda Pom Pom Paris, just love it not sure what to do with it yet but had to get some anyway. I know I said at the begging of the year I had enough fabric ready to make about seven quilts including the backs, BUT what if I miss out and you all have pom pom and not me--Disaster that's what.
Hopefully husbands Don't read quilters blogs!
Hope you are all having a peaceful happy Sunday,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's News

Hi everyone, I have so much news today I talk too much and probably blog too much but you can just look at the pictures if you want.
Today my husband and I went out for lunch to the beautiful Paragon in Katoomba. It is so unusual for us both to have the same day off it was lovely. I wanted to check out the dinning room as I am organising a dinner for Summer School, I already have a wonderful guest speaker (no it's not me) she will dazzle you with her quilts.
I think you will agree after seeing the photo's we will have to have our dinner here, the Queen came in 1954!
So here is the heritage listed Paragon established in 1916.

Dining room.

Old cash register.

Coffee shop in the front of the building.

Not that I was looking but chocolate counter.

Lunch was yummy.
I have also booked the Community hall for Summer School which is opposite the railway station has plenty of parking is adjacent to a park for lunch outside and a stroll to the shops plus has loads of room.

For those of you doing Hidcote garden block of the month the Dutch chintz fabric I used is being reprinted.
Lisbeth will let us know when it is back in stock. I used antique ecru Marken fabric border stripe which is the same colour as the Tree of Life panel.

Next topic The Folk Art quilt. The quilt is 220x250.
Here are my side baskets.

Phew I have been busy! When you cut your borders for the baskets cut down the length of the fabric and add sides first then top and bottom, I had it the other way around on the pattern which is a very tight squeeze.
I will post some of the girls Folk Art homework Sunday as I think I have said enough!
Loving Autumn

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quilt show

I had a lovely day today even though it rained all day I went to a lovely quilt show in The School of Arts, Wentworth falls only 20 minutes from home. The talented group of quilters that held the show are a small group so the number of lovely quilts and goods for sale were astonishing. I hope they did well as all the money goes to charity.
I have some photos as a few of the girls made my Maria Hanks quilt, this group adapts patterns beautifully to make unique versions. When I get the odd Thursday off I try to go along to this group as before I was on the road these were the girls I liked to stitch with.
Hello to all the girls from Boyup Brook W.A nice to hear from you, I will post my baskets on the Folk Art Quilt when the weather clears up my house is so dark today.
Enjoy the photo's

There is a girl in every group that does her own thing, here is Anne's quilt; wonderful!

A view of the group's work.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Working at home.

I thought it would be interesting for you to see a little of the work I do at home between classes. Of course I will not bore you with my pattern printing and packing that is even boring for me!! lets have a look at preparing applique on The Folk Art quilt.
This quilt was on show in America last year and many of my students had lovely photos of just about every section of the quilt and insisted I make a replica so we could all own such a beautiful quilt.
I was reluctant at first as I thought it looked too intense and I knew there were other patterns available but after much pushing and emails like WE WANT YOU TO DO IT I gave in. I must say I have had so much fun with this quilt and been given lots of hexagons and stars to add to my quilt I am finding it lovely to do.
I really didn't realise I bought this much fabric for the quilt, I blame Judie Rothermel she just keeps making great fabrics then the shops I work for buy fabrics they know I like so they also must take some of the blame but really...
Sunday- sort out fabrics for quilt into colours.

But wait there's more.

Five hours later colour's sorted for baskets and flowers.

Monday cut out baskets, 17 to be exact two days to sew them all together.

Nice pin cushion by Alexandra Callow she will have a stall at the Springwood Quilt Show 29-30 April she has great stuff.
Today glue baste baskets stems and handle's so when I am away this weekend I can sew them down.
Also making sure the pattern doesn't read like the designer was on drugs.

Pattern work's fine, will post some Folk Art quilts next time.
I need to pack for Blueberries and it is 7.30pm so bye for now.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chop-chop sew

The girls in my classes often hear me talk about one of my favourite students chop-chop sew. She was given her nick name as anything that was difficult to sew Susana would find a much easier technique to speed up the process and her new ideas always work! When we ask her to explain her new way of creating her blocks she always explained "You just chop chop and sew".
Here are her lovely finished quilts from last year.
Irish Circles made using a couple of Jelly Rolls and the centre of English Autumn which will now be a lap quilt.

Susana's Sampler

My Sampler an adaptation of The Sundial Coverlet in The Victoria and Albert Museum London.
I made this quilt to commemorate my 50th birthday. The blocks have my children's names and family history plus I used all my favourite fabrics. I hand my quilt ditch quilted by a machine quilter, which I think of as stabilising the quilt or permanent basting then I was able to hand quilt all my blocks, best of both worlds.

I wanted to show you my Bluebell last blog but couldn't find the picture but as usual looking for The Sampler I found it.

I will be working on my Folk Art quilt today so hope to start showing you some progress soon
 happy stitching Karen