Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quilt show

I had a lovely day today even though it rained all day I went to a lovely quilt show in The School of Arts, Wentworth falls only 20 minutes from home. The talented group of quilters that held the show are a small group so the number of lovely quilts and goods for sale were astonishing. I hope they did well as all the money goes to charity.
I have some photos as a few of the girls made my Maria Hanks quilt, this group adapts patterns beautifully to make unique versions. When I get the odd Thursday off I try to go along to this group as before I was on the road these were the girls I liked to stitch with.
Hello to all the girls from Boyup Brook W.A nice to hear from you, I will post my baskets on the Folk Art Quilt when the weather clears up my house is so dark today.
Enjoy the photo's

There is a girl in every group that does her own thing, here is Anne's quilt; wonderful!

A view of the group's work.


  1. How lovely to see Maria Hanks made in different colour ways,she has always been a favorite of mine and is on my to make list....I told you I'd be a "Karen Girl" forever lol...thanks for the photos see you soon Lisa :)

  2. Lovely pictures thanks Karen - they look like a very talented lot of ladies :) so many yummy quilts!

  3. Karen, do you have the pattern of your header quilt for sale? It is stunning. Also, it is the same as Irish circles?