Irish Circles

Irish Circles
Last years block of the month

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spring at last.

The weather has been so lovely having walks with Saxon in his stroller looking at all the blossoming gardens has been very relaxing and Inspiring as I needed some extra flower drawings for my quilt.

I will be sending the Summer School info next week so I will be sewing the last few items today and tomorrow email me if you haven't received an email by Friday as you know I changed my computer this year so there could be some minor glitches. Summer School is open to everyone if you would like the info send me your email.

Patty Harants has started a class in Memphis Tennessee teaching my Trundle Quilt here are the first photos of the groups work.
Prue Mcbride, love the sweet little birds.

 I don't know who is peeping behind that beautiful centre! Nice work

Georgette Carpenter,such a great background .

Thank you girls for sharing your work keep us up to date.

Speaking of America remember the lovely Amish Tapioca we ate at Katie and Emmanuel Fishers, well I had a go at making it! It tasted the same but I don't remember hers having lumps...perhaps using the microwave to speed it up was a mistake, still better then the Tapioca we got at school, the English girls will know what I'm talking about.
I will never forget that wonderful Amish dinner.

Back to sewing.
Sharon has been working on her Sampler for three years but is finally finished.
What a beautiful quilt and such an achievement.

Photos from class this month.

Birds of a Feather made by Karen in about three months.
This pattern is from 1998 such a lovely little quilt.

Some girls can cope with my Petunia off centre.

But girls like Vicky like to centre.
Both look great.

Plain and Fancy

A beautiful Irish Circles by Kerrie.

Bev has been very busy with her cream tea.

And Suzette has finished.

Had to show you these prawn buttons Margaret is going to use them on Whimsical Wool.

Lenore has finished her Eye Candy I think her son will be very happy.

Some close ups.

Really yummy.
New Fabrics arrive at Post Office Patchwork Glenbrook and of course this is my pile.

A lady handed in her button collection to share with everyone such fun rummaging and finding lovely old buttons.

This is Ruskin after a visit from Saxon he gets so tired running away from him.
That's all for today happy stitching everyone,
Karen x


  1. Hi Karen,
    I was wondering where can you purchase your quilt patterns please? Thanks, Barb

  2. Lovely inspiration...must go stare at the project boxes, surely quilt tops can be finished by osmosis...Summer School info, yay! stalking in-box, just book me in I'm there!...Annette...