Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Great News

Hi everyone,
Great news Rhonda won a prize at the Houston show!
Congratulations Rhonda your Baltimore is outstanding.
New reproductions from Rhonda's shop   
Post Office Patchwork Glenbrook.
Just when you think you have all the reproductions you need another yummy collection arrives.

Thank you girls for all your bookings for Summer School I will get to the invoices next week, some are still making decisions on quilt choices and which days to do so I will give it another week and invoice you all at the same time.
Saturday and Sunday are the most popular days so if you want to come over the weekend let me know.
A few photos of May Baskets.
One of the quilts on offer at Summer School.
This medallion quilt has lovely tessellated borders,appliqué, tiny baskets and tumblers.
I am still finishing this quilt and just love the journey the pretty fabrics and of course you all know my favourite blue. 

Here are class photos from  the Glenbrook Wednesday girls.

A few Whimsical Wools on the way.

I was going to crop the quilt on the wall but I like it.
Most of you local Sydney girls know Bronwyn peeping behind her quilt.
Suzanne's beautiful Marriage Quilt.

Nicky has done a lot more on her "Black Tea"
That's it for today I am going to have lunch with my daughter.
Girls some of your emails bounced back to me so if you didn't get a Summer School email send me another request.
Have a great day everyone!
Karen x



  1. Oh wonderful! I'm glad you didn't crop that photo, because it looks lovely, at first I thought it was the border, that is until I saw the hands holding the smaller quilt up!
    So freaky I was at our local council office yesterday when the women dealing with read my email address, she asked if I knew you as you were a quilter & her cousin! Small world!

  2. Oh your Summer School quilts look amazing,thanks for the peek...hope your well,miss my monthly fix with you...Lisa x

  3. Hi Karen Just caught up with your blog. So impressed with all the lovely quilts. Hope you and your family are well. regards from all in England. your cousin Irene xx

  4. Karen what a wonderful quilts. I send you an email with a question.