Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Home at last

I have been away for a week so it is so nice to be home. I totally forgot to register my car so I have been running around today to get pink slips etc so I have a road worthy car for the weekend.
You all must know by now when I go away I have loads of show and tell so if you need a cup of coffee or tea get it before the photo's start, I might just get one too. so we all have our drinks here we go.
First shop is Cottage Quilt Works I thought it would be nice this month to introduce the shop owners these girls are my friends as I stay over with most of them. I admire how hard they work and how enthusiastic they are with projects, fabrics and classes without these ladies we would have no where to go to show and share our quilts learn from each other and when life gets a little tricky our quilting groups give us a soft place to fall, so remember to support our shops.
Jann and Chris are such a great partnership and the shop reflects both personalities, reproduction and modern.
Sue Brooke has completed her first Antique Applique block.

Jan has a little RSI from stitching her cream tea, totally worth it.

Bev started simply red in a July workshop a couple of years ago, the quilt is finished and hand quilted.

Elizabeth got her Irish Circles back from the quilters it is beautiful.

Then I drove across Sydney to spend a couple of days at Patchwork Plus Miranda.
Lorraine is the owner, I think I have worked for Lorraine about 10 years, my daughter Anna lived with Lorraine for a year whilst going to university so I think we are almost family now.
Here is Lorraine with her Cream Tea Mainly pink and brown such a lovely version.
Elaine with her Lucy Boston. I have some lovely photo's of more Lucy quilts will post later.

Jan with New England Fall

Robyn with another cream tea, never get tired of seeing these. We had a very long discussion as to how she should finish it off-- not sure what the outcome was!

The cute centre of Jan's cream tea. Lovely french generals.

Just to show all aspects of class here are the excuses for no homework, make of it what you will.

Brenda: I did sew a bit but really don't want to over do it, it's the journey that's important.

Michelle went away for the weekend with lots of quilters and was too tired.

Suzette cut out her background square so really she did do something.

Gosh my son is home for tea and I have cooked nothing, just two more pictures from Glenbrook you just can not finish and not see these.
Eye Candy by Terry a very old pattern.
And oh my a wonderful Jester quilt by Barb from Bathurst.

That's it wish you could all talk to me and suggest a quick tea!
Happy stitching to you all


  1. Oh my! Karen that is some lovely eye candy today. I love the cream tea quilts. It's the hexagon thing again but I also love the simply red one too.
    Love Shirley.

  2. Hi Karen,

    I am a friend of Joy and Simone who have done lots of your classes at Summer School at Patchwork on Stonleigh. I am wishing that you would come and teach down here in Victoria. I love your work!!!

    Kindest Regards,

    Anne de Koning