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Irish Circles
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter holiday.

Hi everyone, hope you all had a happy Easter I had a hectic Easter. First my day in Melbourne was fantastic my friend Anne and I started to smile as soon as the plane took off and basically laughed all day.
We did all our shopping in about two hours so had plenty of time to see the quilts and look around. The shops were lovely. I had a nice chat to Karen from Somerset it amazed me how enthusiastic she still was it must be an exhausting expedition. I joined her block of the month! I hope my free time at four am is productive...ha ha. Hope to work out a time I can come back to Melbourne and work for Karen.
Meanwhile my bedrooms at home were being painted so that when I arrived home new carpet could be laid, well I have never seen so much stuff come out of bedrooms my house looked like a junk yard, but now I have two rooms to work in and lovely fresh bedrooms.
My children all arrived my cooking this year has improved my fish looked like fish this year and not like mashed potato and my pork was cooked through and no one fell ill....Outstanding.
So in my free time I have been planning my new quilts getting ready to be the featured artist at the Springwood show this weekend and sorting fabrics for the scrap bags I will be selling at the show, so much fabric!
Thought you would like to see my work space where I do my planning, I love nice things around me.
Lots of nice fabric, no that's not all of it.
Everyone needs great books for inspiration, oh and that's chocolate mousse I bought in Canada.

I have to make a quilt and use this red border from The French General, the bird fabric is a bag.

My chair, I love to sit and think and sew in this chair.

I bought this suitcase when I was looking for a lamp??
It is packed with the scrap bags for the show.

That is all for today hope to have some pictures from the quilt show and of course more quilts today has been all about me.
Take care


  1. Ooo it would be great if you can manage to come to Melbourne and play at day I'm going to get my passport out and venture across the Yarra to visit that shop...what a great reason a Karen class would be to brave the Yarra crossing!!!
    Can I come shop in your stash? Those shelves look soooo tempting...

  2. Oh I would so love to sew with you in your sewing room...seeing what other girls have in their fabric stash is so much fun....and to buy from your stash would be lovely!!

  3. oh how I would love to come and sew in your sewing room!
    love that suitcase, yes a saying I love!
    that border fabric is amazing and the pink and green under it looks interesting, I might have to take that bag apart for the fabric!