Irish Circles

Irish Circles
Last years block of the month

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Block of the month.

I am so impressed everyone has done their "Friendship Quilt" homework.
Here are the pictures of blocks three and four.

Our first row is now complete.
Wendy has finished her marriage quilt.
Hand quilting around each shape was enough quilting.
It's beautiful congratulations Wendy!

Lorraine has also finished her top.
Anyone needing help with fabrics I will be teaching at Quiltsmith tomorrow then Patchwork Plus Thursday and Friday.
Best get my printing done.
Have a good day everyone,
Karen x


  1. The Marriage Quilt with the pink background is just fabulous. I love it when quilters work with colored backgrounds instead of whites and beiges.

  2. Maybe not everyone has done their homework...

  3. Beautiful blocks! look how different the two quilts look!

  4. The mariage quilts are so beautiful. Love your quiltblocks !