Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hi Everyone,
Well I have had a birthday now 56 it always seems odd when you remember how old you are, I don't feel any different probably because I have medication to keep everything normal.
Also it was my wedding anniversary 34 years! That's amazing the time just flys by  so much has happened over the years I never thought I would accumulate such an outstanding stash!
Throw in Mothers day and all my special days were done in the space of two weeks, fantastic.
My son made me a birthday cake.
Flowers were from Chris and Jan (cottage quilt works)
So cute the tablecloth and cake stand.
My friend Helen bought me an adorable owl from the famous Alex Callow, so cute.
These are also cards given to me, also made by Alex.
She really has such a wonderful eye for detail.
A couple of finished quilts from Cottage Quilt Works.
Miss Austens Garden By Sue.
Irish Circles by Terrie.
Wendy, Megan and Kerrie are making progress with their May Baskets.

I love little pictures in a quilt.

How about new fabrics, so many this month.
These are from Post Office Patchwork Glenbrook.
The green on the left would be a lovely alternative for the Elephant fabric.

And these little beauties had to come home with me.
I just got home from a walk around the neighbourhood with Saxon and picked up this amazing Autumn leaf, beautiful.
Two girls are leaving classes this month. Lynne is retiring from Sydney to the country, we will miss you Lynne but wish you well on your new adventure.
And Natalie is having a baby in July so of course we are all excited for her and can't wait to have a cuddle in a few months.
Saxon is fast asleep I have worn him out!
He is snuggled in my little Jane Austen Quilt, won't get away with that when he's older.
Take care everyone,
Karen x


  1. Hi Karen,

    That's funny, I turned 34 last tuesday!
    I have a question. I live in Belgium, and I would really love to make your Irish Circles Quilt. Can you tell me were I can buy the pattern?

    Marina Roos

    1. Hi Marina,
      Happy to print a pattern for you, email me

  2. Congratulations Karen, I agree the years slip by so quickly, we need to make the most of every moment.

  3. Happy Birthday, Karen and Congrats on the anniversary. Oh what a sweetie you have there in Saxon. Is he around 2? The quilts of course are lovely, and the cake looks yummy as well as the cards. Those are keepers for sure. I also wanted to let you know that the Folk Art Quilt pattern arrived in Riverside. I'm starting to collect fabric for it. Thanks again!

  4. A Happy belated birthday Karen, I was so busy with quilting that I forgot to reads blogs ! Beautiful pictures again and I can't wait to see what patterns you are selling through correspondence school !!