Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas.

Hi everyone,
I have found a quiet moment christmas eve to-catch up and wish you all the best for Christmas.
My shopping is done and wrapped and the food is ready to cook, looking forward to the next couple of days.
The first Christmas gifts I bought were these hearts which never left home.

The Christmas get togethers were lovely as always thank you to all the girls who brought along beautiful food.
A group of us went to the Queen Victoria building for high tea and some shopping.

It's hard to see your friends through all the food.
You all know chop chop sew.
The tree was stunning.
Me and my lama. Too large to wrap.

Prue Mc Bride in the U.S has almost finished her Trundle quilt and it is a beauty.

Ruskin getting festive with his piece of tinsel.
I will have more quilts to show in the new year and updates from Summer School.
Thank you all for your friendship and support this year I look forward to next years classes.
Have a wonderful time with your families and have a safe and happy holiday.
Love to all,

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