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Monday, December 3, 2012

Follow up

Well I have had so many emails regarding my Trundle quilt thank you girls for your support and opinions.
There has been a lot of emails sent to me with questions which I have answered personally but  thought I would also share with everyone as it has been an interesting topic.
Even though a quilt is made in class or a pattern bought the artistic works remain copyright to the designer. If you then publish an image of a copyright design omitting acknowledgement of the designer it is assumed the work is yours (passing off)
 The magazine was brought to class to show me my quilt design"The Trundle"which makes it a recognisable design not a version of it.
I know many of you have had similar experiences and like me feel disappointed but hopefully our conversation will result in someone having the courtesy of asking permission to use our designs.

The other questions are about the quilt it started off as a quilt to cover my sons trundle bed (I also needed a second sample to teach)
When I finished the centre I liked it so much I just kept making more borders eventually it ended up being big enough to cover my queen size bed.
The quilt is designed to sit perfectly on a bed each border covering a different section.
The quilt belongs to my son Tom as it was started for him so when I have finished teaching the design it will live with him.

It Is late at night I had such a wonderful day with my Monday Glenbrook girls.
Robyn made us High Tea for our end of year party and it was delicious I think I am still full, I will post some photo's next time. Thanks girls for a lovely day!
Bye for now,


  1. O.k I think I finally know who the annonymous no return address comments are from.
    I will not publish your views as they are very aggressive in tone.
    Your last comment that some of the centre of my Trundle is from an old quilt is correct and has always been aknowledged in class.
    I am still able to copyright my pattern as the percentage of use in my overall design is very small. I did not use anothers pattern or breach any copyrights.
    Really girls it disappoints me that after several months working together on fabric choice, tecniques and patterns you treat me with such disregard.

  2. Hi Karen,

    I bought your trundle pattern two years ago and IMMEDIATELY recognised it in QuiltMania - was looking for your name mentioned and realised the article was not that inclusive - but we that love Trundle knew from whence it came! Love your blog!

    Maybe someday you'll actually come teach @ Somerset! Thanks you so much for all your sharing!

    Chris C -