Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer School

I have spent most of today sending emails for Summer School.
If you have not received the information please email me so I can send one out, apologies if I missed you, the list is so big!
I love the beautiful basket quilt Susan is teaching another pattern for my retirement, I bought Auntie Green at the Sydney show and that is calling my name perhaps I should buy the fabric for it just in case.
We are having dinner at The Paragon again it was so lovely last year, should we ware vintage clothes? I think yes.
Our technical class is just about booked out it is interesting in these days of glue and supposedly new fast techniques for everything our most popular class is taking the time to improve hand stitching.
I have tried lots of new ways to sew quilts but I always go back to stitching the way my grandma did its the only way I really relax. I can almost see the young quilters out there rolling their eyes at me, we are all different and there are no rules saying how you should make your quilt.

Let us look at some quilts.
This is my Folk Art Quilt hanging up at Quilt Smith, Melinda is one of the few shops who have a wall big enough.
One of my students had her Folk Art Quilt in the Sydney show, the picture of her quilt ended up in Quilt Mania.
Vicky from Miranda designed this quilt herself.
Here are the girls at work in the Blueberries shop Wyong.
Marion's quilt. My design Antique Applique.

All the Plain and Fancy quilts on the go.

Anna just put a bag of skittles on my desk and I cant stop eating them.
Sharon has nearly finished Miss Austen's Garden.
Carol finished French Mosaic.
Helen's Folk Art.

Annette Nottingham quilt.
I love watching my designs turn into these beautiful quilts it is so satisfying to see all the different versions.
Well my son is coming for tea and it is now 5.30 so I best get on, my other son Jake or horizontal as he is affectionately know has only been up a short time and thinks its lunch time.
I will be at Cottage Quilt Works next week so hope to have plenty of show and tell.
Take care everyone,