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Monday, January 23, 2012

Summer School

Hi everyone, I know it has been a long time but Christmas and then Summer School has kept me very busy.
First Happy New Year to you all, I think my new year has started off as one of the best although it was my first time planning an event like Summer School I had the best time doing it, it did help you were all so wonderful to deal with makes it a pleasure to organise.

My new grandson will be here in nine weeks so the countdown is on, so excited!

I will be doing the correspondence mail this week so if you have your name down you will receive the information for 2012 soon, that is my next priority.

This news is mainly about Summer School so Lot's of photos for you.
A big thank you to Blueberries and Patchwork Plus for the donation of the lovely prizes the girls loved them.
Everyone fell in love with Lorraine's Cream Tea so I had to run home and print patterns, not enough to do apparently!
Also thank you to Rhonda of Post office Patchwork who gave us a wonderful talk on Saturday night, the show and tell was magnificent.

I really enjoyed having dinner with different groups over the five days it is nice to be included in your time in The Blue Mountains, it also gave me the opportunity to catch up with you all.
I will be sending you all an email with details for next year I just need to finalise the dates.

I have spent the morning smiling at all the photos so I hope you have a nice cup of tea and enjoy the memories.

I finally finished The Folk Art Quilt, my helpers on set up day Anna and Jake holding the quilt.


We had four shops visit, fantastic, one comment was her bankcard had taken it like a MAN.
Shop corner, Chris and Jann from Cottage Quilt Works hard at work.

We had lovely food it was very sad today when no scones arrived at 11.

We were next to the park it was so nice to sit outside for lunch, the flowers on the table were beautiful Blackheath rhododendrons.

Lots of chatter at the dinning tables.

 Saturday night dinner at the Paragon was a fantastic night, great food and excellent company.
Rhonda was our guest speaker with a show and tell that made everyone clap as each quilt was held up.
Enjoy the photos.
Robyn the owner in the gorgeous red fifties dress.

We all had these vintage pages as place mats, a lovely memento to take home.

Rhonda with her show and tell.

Here are the ladies enjoying the night, so nice to see groups from WA, Qld and Victoria chatting to our local girls and representatives from all over Sydney.

Simone wondering if she can get her stitches as small as Rhonda.

Yvonne our helper extraordinaire still talking cats.

Booking in for next year.

Susie my wonderful quilter.

Sitting either side of me two of the most talented quilters I know, Susan on my right and Rhonda on the left.

Not many chocolates left!

My family asked if I was tired after my five days and my answer was yes but it was a happy tired, does that make sense? I came away feeling inspired and ready to get on with next years quilts.
Thank you for your feedback all of your suggestions were fantastic and I have already decided to implement every suggestion.
Looking forward to my regular classes starting first of February hope your all ready to get started.
Bye for now
Karen x


  1. I wanted to make sure that you have my name for the correspondance school. Please email me and let me know what info you need from me.
    Thanks bunches,

  2. Fantastic 5 days the best fun & stiching, beautiful Blackheath = see you all next year Colleen

  3. Karen, Thank you for the wonderful day on saturday. I loved seeing all the beautiful quilts. Your helpers were fantastic, the food was excellant, but the ladies in the school were such a lovely group. Jackie and I really enjoyed ourselves Thanks for inviting us. Carmelxx

  4. You did a great job - be proud of yourself. Sorry I had to miss Sunday but Laurie had really gone downhill. See you next week.

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  6. thanks again for a lovely time over summer school.
    havent put the needle down since!
    looking forward to next year.
    good luck and enjoy saxon
    xx simone

  7. I have long loved your quilts. Are your patterns available to buy. I have done a search but can't seem to find a source.
    Thanks Ellen

  8. I too love your quilts. I'd love to have a source to purchase your patterns, or a block of the month.
    I'm in California, USA.
    Thanks so much,

  9. Yes, another admirer, love the Folk art quilt, with paperpiecing, looking forward to meeting you in Temora, can you bring some of your quilts and patterns with you.