Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A great day.

Hi Everyone, yesterday was my daughter Anna's graduation she now has her Masters in chiropractic.
What a great day watching all the families, everyone was smiling and looking so proud soo many hugs!
It's not often you get a day where no matter what your background or country you come from the experience is the same, wonderful.
Congratulations to my dear Anna.
Thank you to all the girls who have booked in for summer school one class is just about full!
You will get a follow up email soon.
I have sent all the emails so if you don't have one email me again.
I did send them in groups of five but if one didn't go through I am not sure if the rest did, some got the email twice.....sorry about that. My little lap top is in shock so many out and in.
I am hearing helicopters hope no more fires.
I have had some lovely emails from the American girls asking me my teaching schedule in America, I am coming on a tour with a group of my friends (all quilters) we will be in Paducah for the show first so I would love to meet any of you there and one day if asked I would love to teach in America.
Last Monday I shopped  at The Crewel Gobelin Killara, I fancied doing a cross stitch, Picked a needle case on the cover of the book below, the girls were so helpful they had a kit ready for me and sold me a space age magnifier as I was sure my linen had no holes. I know when will I get time mmmm no answer but it does look pretty.

Sneak peek.

Here is a sneak peek at one of next years block of the month quilts, in progress but looking good, the other block of the month is a large applique, I love that a few of you have booked into summer school to get a head start on the applique without seeing mine , such faith.
Well that is all today I am having a cutting out day and so far not much done.
Hope you are all having a great day wherever you are.

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