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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Road trip 2

I have had quiet a few emails regarding Summer School  so before we get on the road I have done the costing and double checked all the bookings, my local School did not get back to me so I have sourced a much bigger hall on the highway and directly across from the railway line and the local Rotary club will be doing the catering for morning and afternoon teas and lovely lunch. The cost will be $80.00 per day There are two two day workshops and a one day workshop.
Wednesday 18th-Thursday 19th
Friday 20th
Saturday 21st- Sunday 22nd
Susan and I will both have workshops on these days.
At this stage quilts are not ready so I can not send emails with pictures yet but if you would like an email later send me your details, if you want to book in without seeing the quilts let me know.
Where to stay?? I have spoken to The Redleaf Motel at the top of my street and if you say you are part of Karen Cunningham's Summer School the room will be $110.00 very reasonable.
Otherwise get on line and google accommodation in Blackheath.
That did take a lot of my day today but the best part was my friend Yvonne came for a cup of tea and I even made a cake!
(packed cakes best thing since sliced bread.)

I think I best show you my latest purchase, you know the retirement fund, I received my Chintz Panel from Reproduction Fabrics I love the Bouquet of Flowers with Scrollwork so even though I don't know what I am making yet I went straight to my nearest shop Post Office Patchwork Glenbrook and Rhonda and I put some fabrics together that go with it.

Just delicious, thank god for Margo Krager!
I am just thinking it is tea time again, is cake a nutritious meal, obviously yes.
Let us look at more show and tell from Port Maquarie.
This is a great idea use an old Dollie for you quilt label.

Yes we do sometimes use brights in my class Ros with her Jester block.

I have to say that block just makes me smile...
Leigh Latimore had some lovely show and tell, her purchase of the lovely 1800's sampler just beautiful.
And I never get tired of looking at a Trundle quilt.

I forgot to show you Pat has finished her Folk Art Quilt what a legend.

I ended my road trip with a visit to my mum and dad's very nice to catch up and they live on the beach here are some photo's to warm us up.

Fish and chip shop, yum

Mr pelican looking on.

There is a boy surfing in the background.

The thing with the beach is I realised because I live in the mountains I am actually not just white I am pastie
must get a tan in summer probably a spray one even orange would be better than alabaster.

O.k finally gosh I have a lot to say,( so unusual) Correspondence school is for girls who live too far away to do regular classes it is like being in class you get to pick a major work most are doing Irish Circles or The Sampler or Hidcote garden and you also get the quick quilts we do in class as well.
This runs for 10 months each year and cost's 15.00 per month payments are 150.00 up front or three Lot's of 50.00 over the ten month's. I just don't have time to print the big patterns correlate them into a folder and send them overseas as this is so time consuming and expensive the only way I can cope is to print patterns once a month all at the same time for classes and correspondence school if you belong to the school you can order other small patterns and I can mail them in line with the monthly posting. I have tried to keep up with individual orders but found I was running around like a chook with it's head cut off.
So I hope that answers your questions to sign up just email me.
Apparently cake is not sufficient so it looks like I will have to cook...boring
Hope you are all smiling wherever you are,
hugs Karen


  1. Hi Karen,
    I am very interested in your correspondence school and would love to join! I am very inspired by your pictures that you share and would love to work along with you!


  2. Hi Karen,I am very interested in your correspondence school as well!! Would love to join. You are an extremely clever lady and your quilts a beautiful. Regards, Anne de Koning

  3. Hi Karen, I love your quilts and would be very interested in your correspondence school and delighted to work along with you. That is if you will ship the patterns to the USA and take payment from there. Your work is just stunning.