Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My day at home.

I don’t know if everyone else loves a day at home as much as I do, the older I get the simplest things I do seem to make me the happiest.
Perhaps being on the road as much as I am also gives me an appreciation of a day like today. I love to feed my Magpie family in the morning just to hear them sing, I drink probably way too much tea but love my china cups and of course lovely embroidered tray runners and doilies, do you feel the urge to rescue any beautiful embroidered linen in antique shops, or is it just me? I then like a few hours sewing usually watching a Jane Austen movie with my cat Ruskin to keep me company. Finally all my children will be home for tea, with two now living away from home it is lovely to have all four around the table.
More class news next time,
Happy stitching to you all

My Jane Austen Quilt.


  1. Karen give RUSKIN a big cuddle - Colleen x

  2. Not a fan of cats but he is a big cutey :) i also love your little milk jug and the quilt of course is gorgeous. Adele

  3. What a lovely day Karen - and that tea tray looks perfect ! Funny how a doily and some pretty porcelain makes a cup of tea into a real treat.

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  5. Wow Karen the blog looks great. The tea cosy helps too! Inspiration, inspiration. Can't dust, must sew...
    H XX