Irish Circles

Irish Circles
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally Karen has her blog!

I know I have been gently pushed in to this but here I go.
I really did not think I would have much to offer the blogging world but my friends in quilting have assured me many quilters around the world love to see quilts from everywhere.
I hope in time my computer skills will get better so please be patient as I am a beginner.

Summer school in Wodonga was as usual wonderful, sad news that Patchwork on Stonleigh is to close in March, Christine and Susan are wonderful women and I wish them both every happiness for the next chapter of their lives.
So I was met at summer school by an avalanche of questions as to what to do for summer school next year, I must say I looked like Bamby in the headlights of an on coming truck BUT decided we should have it in the beautiful Blue Mountains, my home town of Blackheath. Susan has agreed to come and teach so all should be the same, perhaps a little cooler.
I am getting ready for my classes for 2011, hope you all have your homework done as the Folk art quilt is looking good will get a photo up soon baby steps for me.


  1. Nice to see you in Blog Land Karen,me I'm just a follower ....see you on the 10th at Blueberries....Lisa

  2. Hi Karen...I used to live in Blackheath!!! I first learned to quilt there and I have been to your shop in Katoomba a couple of years ago...absolutely loved it. Welcome to Blogaland, I'm sure you will meet many nice people here...Dzintra♥x