Irish Circles

Irish Circles
Last years block of the month

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On the mend.

Hi everyone,
Thank you for all the get well emails.
I am sorry I had to cancel last weeks classes but I totally underestimated the op I had.
I have never had stitches before no idea
what it would feel like, it doesn't help that it's in the middle of my back.
Gosh the brave girls who have major procedures then arrive in class a month later! Amazing.
Anyway my problem is over apart from having all the stitches out... Does that hurt!
I must also up date my emails as some of you did not receive the email, my apologies girls.
Let's get back to sewing!
Block five and six are ready for September.

 I got the gorgeous cat fabric from Quiltsmith.
 Nice easy appliqué block.
Kelly who is doing correspondence BOM
sent some nice photos.
They are lovely Kelly.

A few photos from the girls in my Glenbrook class.
How cute are the thirties fabrics.

I never get tired of the blocks from Birds and Blooms.
Elvis is back!
A bit Alfred Hichcock.
I will catch up on my emails today too.
Sorry for the delay everyone.
I just want to say thank you to my friend Helen, she's the girl who turns up with flowers, food and friendship and doesn't even hint that you look awful!
Take care everyone, back on the road Saturday.
Karen xx

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Block of the month.

I am so impressed everyone has done their "Friendship Quilt" homework.
Here are the pictures of blocks three and four.

Our first row is now complete.
Wendy has finished her marriage quilt.
Hand quilting around each shape was enough quilting.
It's beautiful congratulations Wendy!

Lorraine has also finished her top.
Anyone needing help with fabrics I will be teaching at Quiltsmith tomorrow then Patchwork Plus Thursday and Friday.
Best get my printing done.
Have a good day everyone,
Karen x

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday in my sewing room.

Hi everyone,
I feel like July has been a very long month!
Today I am in my sewing room preparing block three and four of the block of the month.

I love making this quilt, looking forward to some stitching later on.

My trip to Port Maquarie was wonderful, Stitched and Framed is a lovely shop with a light and spacious class room.
Lots of fun with our magic mirrors, fabric designs take on a whole new use when we fussy cut.
Lovely to catch up with my Port Maquarie friends, see you all next year.
Samples of fussy cutting in port.
Great class room.

My Plain and Fancy above.

I didn't get to Port last year so two years later some truly inspiring finished quilts.

Denise has been very busy.
The sampler just needed a border.
Folk art Baskets.

A couple from Sue.
The Wedding Quilt.
Marie Antoinette. 
The Sampler.

The start of Jester and Irish Circles.

The Jester pattern is going in Quilters Companion this year.
Here is a sneak peek of the beautiful quilting Kim Dolan has done on Sue Brooks Jester which will be used in the magazine.....yes that means mine wasn't ready.
Sue's work is so beautiful, her appliqué is well perfect.

Best get to work or I won't be ready for Cottage Quilt Works tomorrow, still in my PJ's
Lastly my daughter Anna is off to work in Ireland, having an English mother finally paid off.
I haven't seen any of my children off at the airport for an indefinite time, girls that is really hard!
Well I guess that means I get to see Ireland.
Have a great day everyone,
Karen x

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quilt Show

Hi everyone,
The Sydney Quilt Show is lovely I know a few were worried about the new venue but it is light and airy the quilts looked so much better with all the natural light.
My quilt Birds and Blooms got second place in my section, such a nice surprise.
One of the judges was Kim Maclean which brought back memories of me, a young mum, sitting in awe in front of her quilt a 'A Tisket a Tasket one more Basket'at the Sydney Quilt show many years ago. A white glove lady said to me, "you know you just need to practice, you get better every quilt" I said I couldn't imagine ever entering a show like this.
I can't remember how many quilts I have made since then but I have loved making all of them.
I caught up with lots of friends and had a really nice day.
The best of show is a stunner, go see it!

The pattern for Birds and Blooms is available.

I will be sorting out Correspondence today for the Block of the Month, the first posting is Monday.

Looking forward to Port Macquarie and catching up with you all.
Happy stitching everyone,
Karen x

Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Block of the Month

Hi everyone,
I feel really guilty that it's taken me so long to update my blog, when lovely Margaret asked if it was broken I promised as soon as I got home I would post.
We will be starting the new quilt in July.
It is called The Friendship Quilt as it is inspired by nineteenth century friendship quilts.
Each month you will be getting two blocks one appliqué and one pieced.
It will have one appliqué border and three pieced borders. 
The quilt will be 60 x 65 so not too big.
You can do this correspondence.
First two blocks.

It has nice sashing and cornerstones.
I bought my backgrounds from Cottage Quilt Works, they still have the background for the appliqué blocks and some kits.
Appliqué background.

Pieced blocks background.

Corner stone fabric.
Requirements: 1 mtr background for appliqué.
.5 for pieced blocks.
.30 for corner stones.
Of course you can make this in any colours you like.

Sue has finished her Sampler which was inspired by the Sundial Quilt.
It is always lovely to see the personal and unique blocks stitched into the design.
The quilting by the very talented Christie Wong is so beautiful.

May baskets is going well, most are ready for the final border.
Can you see the difference in Elizabeth's basket border?
We all love our tiny basket row!

Speaking of baskets, why do cats think they can fit in tiny's like me trying on a pair of size ten jeans!
I have booked to come to Quilts in the Barn in October so looking forward to catching up with Melbourne friends and visiting some shops.
It is very cold in the mountains today so I intend to sew and drink plenty of tea.
Take care everyone,
Karen x
Just a quick note, I am not booked to teach in Melbourne in October, sorry for any misunderstanding.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hi Everyone,
Well I have had a birthday now 56 it always seems odd when you remember how old you are, I don't feel any different probably because I have medication to keep everything normal.
Also it was my wedding anniversary 34 years! That's amazing the time just flys by  so much has happened over the years I never thought I would accumulate such an outstanding stash!
Throw in Mothers day and all my special days were done in the space of two weeks, fantastic.
My son made me a birthday cake.
Flowers were from Chris and Jan (cottage quilt works)
So cute the tablecloth and cake stand.
My friend Helen bought me an adorable owl from the famous Alex Callow, so cute.
These are also cards given to me, also made by Alex.
She really has such a wonderful eye for detail.
A couple of finished quilts from Cottage Quilt Works.
Miss Austens Garden By Sue.
Irish Circles by Terrie.
Wendy, Megan and Kerrie are making progress with their May Baskets.

I love little pictures in a quilt.

How about new fabrics, so many this month.
These are from Post Office Patchwork Glenbrook.
The green on the left would be a lovely alternative for the Elephant fabric.

And these little beauties had to come home with me.
I just got home from a walk around the neighbourhood with Saxon and picked up this amazing Autumn leaf, beautiful.
Two girls are leaving classes this month. Lynne is retiring from Sydney to the country, we will miss you Lynne but wish you well on your new adventure.
And Natalie is having a baby in July so of course we are all excited for her and can't wait to have a cuddle in a few months.
Saxon is fast asleep I have worn him out!
He is snuggled in my little Jane Austen Quilt, won't get away with that when he's older.
Take care everyone,
Karen x